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Meet Richard & Andrea , Your Hosts...

A couple from Ely has converted a previous railway carriage into a hidden getaway for guests for a unique experience and stay. Andrea Pearman and her partner Richard Coleman have created one of the most unusual yet incredible places to offer guests for an overnight stay and to take advantage of the area they live in. The pair moved to Little Downham, near Ely to retire with a plan to provide holiday accommodation on their property as they live in "such a beautiful and peaceful spot" shares Andrea. At first, they were looking to convert a boat as they have a big pond, but due to water levels not being consistent enough it wasn't an option at the time. However, instead, they stumbled across the idea of converting an old railway carriage through a friend's suggestion. Before this idea, Andrea said: "A train was never on my list to convert". The couple were able to find a carriage that was still in good condition, as sometimes carriages can go for scraps after being used on the tracks. The next challenge was to transport the carriage to Little Downham which Andrea said: "was a tight fit through the village and around the tight windy roads, it was quite a sight". The carriage arrived on the property in May and work to convert it began in July. During the transformation from carriage to accommodation, Andrea said they wanted to keep as much as they could of the original train features inside, adding that many previous conventions of carriages had not kept them. Builders came in to help recreate the carriage with Andrea saying "We all kind of winged it together". After several months it was fully furnished and turned into a holiday let for two people, with a double bed, dining area, living space, kitchen and bathroom. It has kept original features such as chairs, doors, windows, luggage racks and signs and is called 'The Carriage Ely'. The holiday let includes a fire pit, patio and little garden with a hot tub. So far Andrea and Richard have only converted one-half of the carriage suitable to accommodate two guests but are planning to also convert the second half into dog-friendly accommodation for more guests. Andrea said the second half will also have a different theme and will be "more rustic" inside. She said that the "walking around the area is amazing" so are wanting to offer a place for dog owners to be able to come and stay and enjoy the area too. The carriage became available for guests to book in the middle of October this year, providing one of the most unique stays imaginable. Guests have booked the carriage already with "10 out of 10 reviews" shares Andrea who adds: "Everybody has loved it and enjoyed it".

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